• 57% of talent leaders say competition for talent is their number 1 challenge,

Talent Strategy

Do You Have a Defined Talent Vision & Strategy to Meet Your Goals?

At TruStar Partners, we are passionate about collaboratively solving your business and talent challenges within your Talent Life Cycle (TLC). We are committed to helping you become an Employer of Choice to attract and retain the right people needed to drive your business success. We partner to help you define and execute your Talent Strategy to meet this goal. Our full suite of consultative services offers valuable insight through every stage of this process.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Your Talent Strategy begins with strategic workforce planning & budgeting to identify the talent you will need to successfully execute your business goals. We work with you to understand and design a visioning process within your organization that proactively anticipates current and future hiring needs.

Recruitment Marketing Analysis

Have you evaluated how your employer brand is positioned in the competitive talent marketplace? Cultivating a compelling employer brand promotes your organization more than attracting and retaining high quality talent. It can also make a significant contribution to your company’s bottom line. We offer an in-depth analysis to help you understand your current Recruitment Marketing strategy and consult on ways to update and promote your company and your talent brand.

Employer Value Proposition Development

Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the core of your employer brand that defines its positioning and strategic direction. An effective EVP can set you apart as an Employer of Choice if created and intentionally marketed with your Vision, Core Values, Culture and Envisioned Future in mind. We are passionate about helping clients explore and develop an EVP unique and powerful to their organization.

Candidate Experience Strategy

How you market your company and openly promote your benefits/culture, engage applicants, facilitate interviews, communicate with candidates, and on-board new hires all filters into driving your Candidate Experience. Are you in control of these key candidate touchpoints? Let us help you drive a succinct, intentional strategic theme that will define a process to help you positively stand out in your competitive talent marketplaces.

We can’t wait to share our high impact Talent Strategy solutions with you at your earliest convenience. We look forward to partnering with you to build and deliver customized solutions aligned with your vision for success. The TruStar team is committed to positioning your organization as an Employer of Choice by helping you define your talent needs clearly, then find, attract, acquire and retain the right people for you to win big.

Our #1 goal is for you to successfully leverage your talent as a competitive advantage and a positive, transformative force.