• Organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement up to 202%.

Talent Engagement & Retention

Are Your People Truly Engaged? Do You Have A Winning Retention Strategy To Keep The People You Want?

At TruStar Partners, we are passionate about collaboratively solving your business and talent challenges within your Talent Life Cycle (TLC). We are committed to helping you become an Employer of Choice to fully engage and successfully retain the right people needed to drive your business success. We partner to help you intentionally build and execute your Talent Engagement and Retention Strategies to achieve your business goals. Our customized, consultative solutions help you successfully engage and retain your people.

Onboarding Analysis & Process Improvement

Your winning Talent Engagement & Retention Strategies begin with intentionally bringing your cherished new hires into your organization effectively. Unfortunately, low engagement and eventual turnover has its source in poor onboarding. We work with you to assess, design and strengthen your onboarding process to deliver on the promise made during the recruiting process, build assurance your new hires made the right decision and lower your early turnover.

Performance Management Analysis & Process Improvement

Keeping your people engaged, productive and retained takes positive, intentional and timely performance communication and genuine, connected leadership. Your people must know you care about them, that they’re not just a means to the company’s goal achievement. We assess and help you improve your performance management processes to energize, engage your people more effectively. We help you successfully reinforce your compelling Employer Value Proposition to remind your people of why they joined your organization and why they should stay.

Total Rewards Assessment & Improvement

Your compensation and benefits must be critical reinforcers of engagement and retention. We work with you to improve your total rewards communication and alignment with your critical business objectives. Lots of your financial resources are invested in your people. We work to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Change Management Effectiveness

How well does your organization deal with the constant change in today’s complex and uncertain business environment? We work with you to help your organization “lean into” change effectively. We help identify and eliminate barriers and root causes preventing your organization from moving successfully through the change management process. We help change the mindset about change so you can effectively communicate the inevitable changes required as a compelling opportunity for competitive advantage for your people and your organization.

We can’t wait to share our high impact Talent Engagement & Retention solutions with you at your earliest convenience. We look forward to partnering with you to build and deliver customized solutions aligned with your vision for success. The TruStar team is committed to positioning your organization as an Employer of Choice by helping you successfully engage and retain your most cherished resources – your people.

Our #1 goal is for you to successfully leverage your talent as a competitive advantage and a positive, transformative force.